Jazz-Up Your Relationships, Communication & Creativity

Jazz-Up Your Relationships, Communication & Creativity
25 USD

This guided meditation helps healing the thyroid (the endocrine gland for communication) and the whole endocrine system, which enhances your health and vitality and your sexual thriving with lots of positive effects throughout your body:

  •  Energization
  •  Balancing your diet
  •  Regulating metabolism
  •  Relaxation and healing
  •  Eliminating the fatigue
  •  Enhancing sexual pleasure
  •  Amplifying personal magnetism
  •  Recovering the health of your ovaries/womb

Recommended in:

  • communication problems
  • hormonal regulation
  • menstrual regulation
  • frigidity
  • ovarian/prostate issues
  • boring sexual life
  • liver/gallbladder/ kidney disfunctions
  • food excess
  • after labor/during breast feeding


  • eliminates fatigue
  • eliminates anxiety
  • amplification of personal magnetism
  • general relaxation
  • ovarian/uterus health
  • increasing personal strength and vitality
  • regulating metabolism
  • it may balance food habits.

We recommend repeating it a few times for best results.

To learn more on the importance of the endocrine system, click here and use the translate option for your language.

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